Saturday, February 6, 2010

My arm hurts.

I am still ecstatic about my acceptance. I love love love the school, the weather there, the city, I am so excited! I've pretty much been bouncing off the walls the last few days, and I'm sure some are getting annoyed by it haha. Teehee I am going to be a doctor of pharmacy!

Well, of course after acceptance I get to start the 'what you need to do' before you can successfully matriculate. I pretty much woke up the next day and started making appointments for the following day for my physical/immunizations.

I hate shots! =( They gave me three injections and I have to go back Monday to get my TB test done and start my round of Hep B immunizations. My arms were pretty sore today and people at work kept accidentally bumping into it/poking me in the arm. Also, I think something was off because I was super clumsy today. Read: Dropped and broke a glass bottle of cough syrup, and knocked a coffee out of my friend's hand (separate occasions). I felt so bad, coffee is important. So with sore ams I sucked it up and mopped up my mess because I made them.

Had a good night tonight, dinner with the fam, had drinks with my coworkers to celebrate. Life is good.

Memorable quotes:
everyone (including me): "CHEERS TO THAT!!!"

Coworker: "Here's to Carolyn finally getting the F- out of CA!" <3333


Coworker:"so... can I have your hours when you leave? You know... the nice ones."

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