Friday, December 26, 2008


Ok, so ever since I got too old for gifts from the family I have just pretty much started buying them for myself haha. So after spending oodles (yes oodles) of money on my kids and family, I spent another buttload on myself.

I got myself a new pair of skis! They are beautiful and a total steal. I got some really comfy boots, a pair of K2's, poles, and bindings for less than $300! Including the fee to mount the bindings! I am so excited I may actually take pictures for ya'll haha. It was totally worth being 30 minutes late to work to get. I had a pair of ski's during my college days, but I injured myself (took me out for the rest of the season) on them in 2006. When I packed up to move last year I sold them to one of my friends because she loved them. They were a bit long for me and they were the perfect height for her.

People wonder why I still ski and do teeny stunts like jumps off of little hills after I tore my ACL, but I guess I don't believe in letting the fear of injuring myself again get in my way of doing what I love haha. Dust myself off, get up and try again. After I had knee surgery that summer I was back on the slopes 5 months later. A year after that I was playing around on jumps and stuck all but 1 out of 10. That last one I caught too much air, freaked out, and ending up faceplanting into the snow. All caught on tape and displayed for all to see on youtube haha. Even in slow motion. I watch it once a month because it makes me laugh.

Being back at work was a bummer though. It wasn't a bad day, but I had some of the strangest questions asked. I think some MD's were still drunk off their holidy cheer and gave us some really strange prescription requests. We were bored though, it was a slower day than what we normally see. I ended up having to re-do paperwork and reordering them. Haha. Those darn papercuts.

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