Monday, March 2, 2009

Love at first....


So I went snowboarding again today. Surprise surprise? I had a blast. Except for one somewhat not so minor fall in the morning. I lost my balance right as I landed on a rail which ended with me spinning off of it rather hard and slamming my knee into the metal rail. I had no idea the extent of the injury, just that it hurt really bad. I managed to pull myself out of the landing area, but man did it hurt. I kinda refused to believe I hurt myself bad enough to take myself out. So I went straight back on the lift (not telling my buddy who missed the fall) about it and went about the day as usual. Three hours of awesome, somewhat painful boarding later we decided to call it a day. There were no lines that day so we got more runs in than we usually did on a full day! It was awesome.

While she went to the bathroom which happened to be right next to first aid, I decided to wander in. Ya know, for an icepack... and a bandaid for my knee. I guess I caught the railing hard enough to get a scrap on my knee, and there was some bruising, but I was pretty much greeted by the cutest girl in a ski patrol uniform ever.

Here is where I became a total idiot and when she looked at me and asked if I needed something I just kind of stared and managed to say "umm... I umm.. was wondering if umm.. I could get an ice pack... and a bandaid."

Yes, that eloquently. Apparently my idiodic stammering must have led them to believe I must have hit my head pretty hard. So she just looked at me kinda funny and asked if she could see it. So I let her examine my somewhat bruised knee. I think she was concerned that I had no intention of really needing anything more than an icepack. When I told her I did this to myself like three hours ago, she was like WHAT? You've been boarding on this for three hours and you were ok?! You must be tough.

Haha. Not tough, just stupid really. I forgot about most of the pain because I just kept thinking wow, you are hot. The stupid hormones went away after she offered to wipe off my cut and put a bandaid on it. That stung a lot. It hurt to push on it a bit and the antiseptic was painful. Aw, she even tried to fan it with a bandaid when I started wincing haha. So cute.

So maybe this is why I am accident prone? Ski patrollers are always so hot.

Ok I'm just kidding, but a funny story eh? My knee is gonna hurt like hell tomorrow.

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