Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not so nice realization.

Ok, so I was watching 24, and I realized that the first daughter was very attractive to me. Her character radiated confidence, attitude, and she looked really good in a suit. And then... the touching moment between her mom (the president) and herself awww.

But then... in the last few minutes of the episode, what she said was kinda crazy, and even scared me a little.

Then I realized... OH MY GOD, even fictional characters I am attracted to turn out crazy.

Wow. How's that for depressing revelations?

It did make for great conversation with one of my friends. She assured me that it was just bad writing on the writer's part that she just happened to turn out crazy. Of course I countered. "What about real life? Eh? Wow, my life must be a really shitty TV show." (it really would be, as evident by my blog posts haha)

"If that were true you would have been cancelled a long time ago."

Ah, this set me up for this wonderful line "unfortunately, by proof of Bush, we know cancellations in life are unfortunate that they don't exist"



ohitislove said...

in a word: hilarious.

sometimes i feel like i need a do-over, but then i realize that my tv show can't be canceled...because it was only really on crap TV at like, 4 am. :-)

Carolyn said...

Haha. I feel like I need a do over all the time in my little tv show.

Brahmin in Boston said...

woohoo! I know how it feels :-) one of my friend likes guys who are absolutely inaccessible or married - even the TV characters turn out to be married


p.s. i commented on another blog of yours :-)

Carolyn said...

Brahmin- haha what other blog?

sheA said...

ps her the person who plays the President...is a lesbian in real life....and I crush hard on tv people.....welcome to the club

Brahmin in Boston said...

Ohh. you have Dear Doc blog or something like that right?

Carolyn said...

Shea- That is awesome! She rocks my gay socks. So glad they have strong women characters on the show now. Even if one is slightly scaring me now haha.

Brahmin- ohh yeah haha. I totally forgot about that blog haha. *fail*