Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sorry, I'm gay.

Ah, new patients are funny. My coworker walked up to me with a military ID and proceeded to ask me how to process it as insurance. So I follow him back and tell him the ID's and the numbers that he was going to need and then started working on my stack of scripts. Out of no where the guy goes "Is (the company I work for) a family business?"

... haha.. just cos we're all asian doesn't make us all related. I just told him no, and we're not related either, in fact we're not even the same ethnicity. Sure that was a bit racist, but it was funny as hell. Because after this he proceeded to ask if my (male) coworker and I "exchanged valentines" this year. We looked at each other and busted out laughing. Oh there were so many things wrong with that.

Patient "What? There's nothing wrong with that!"
C "Haha... no. We don't even get along!"
Me "Yeah, I can't stand this punk! He's such a jerk!"

C was thinking pretty much the same thing. "Sorry sir, she's gay." I kept my mouth shut and kept the playful bantar going. Eventually he left and we got our work done, ya know after the, OMG, HE'S RIGHT! I LOVE YOU! makeout session. Ok, maybe not. After that we couldn't even look at eaCh other without laughing from the ridiculousness. After C went home the guy came back and started asking about C.

"I thought I saw a spark between you two! You two should be good to each other!"

I almost fell over laughing again. Let it go man! Never gonna happen! He's like my brother and even if I was straight I doubt it haha.

Life is good. I'm getting a lot of skiing/snowboarding in. I am getting to go see musicals often. I am going to see one of my best friends in a month! My best friend from college may be visiting soon! I have spent a lot of time with my family. If I could just kick this sick I'd be happier. Haha.

I was sad a few months ago because my friends and I are separated by so much distance now, but things are falling together as they should. The plus is now that we live all over the country, there's always a place to visit with a place to stay!

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