Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snowboarding, Disneyland, and work, oh my.

It's been a really crazy two weeks filled with a lot of overtime, one day of snowboarding, Disneyland, and a very tired me.

The weirdest thing happened after I finished snowboarding last week. I was waiting for my buddies to finish going to the bathroom before we headed out for the day and I had leaned on board, which I've lovingly named Ollie, against the ski/board racks and sat down on a bench. As I was sitting there people watching, and babysitting Ollie from afar, I notice these two women staring at Ollie. Then one of them approaches Ollie and smiles at her friend and reaches out for Ollie. Now I'm just thinking NO! DON'T STEAL OLLIE I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE! DON'T YOU DARE!

I am about ready to rescue Ollie, when I just see that she wanted to touch the stomppad. Really? Why is a piece of generic plastic (I don't have a cool designy one) so interesting? Then she walks around and is clearly checking Ollie out and I start laughing to myself, and I was secretly relieved when she picked up her own board and left. My board set up is pretty hard to confuse with anyone's. It's a woman's board with male bindings, and a rainbow PEACE sticker slapped on the tail. There's no way anyone could mistake their board with mine. I am still really amused that she just wanted to rub the plastic stomppad though.

Afterwards I went to work again to cover another shift and somehow volunteered myself out of sheer insanity I'm (sure of it) to come in to work at 630am. I was still at work at 9pm. Not to mention I this was supposed to be my 'weekend'. So I still had to work my own week! Somehow I got the person I was covering for to work my friday and managed to switch the Friday off to Thursday (since I had been working 9 days straight already). I was somehow convinced that I should go to Disneyland on my one day off as well. I haven't been there since I quit 6 years ago! So I was pretty excited. I toured my sister's friends around and I had a lot of fun, but 13 hours of it was exhausting. I forgot how much I love that place haha. It really is the gayest place on earth.

Oh I forgot to mention, the person I was with spotted Victor Newman of the Young and the Restless and got super excited. I had/still have no idea who that is, but it was funny. She was trying to get pics of him. I felt like I was hangin with the paparazzi. Funny stuffs.

I'm so glad my 'weekend' is finally here again. I really need the sleep haha.

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Allie said...

haha, I love people and how strange they can be.

You worked at disney? As an outsider, my first reaction is 'that's so cool!'...even though I know it's more like Mouse-witz than anything else on the inside. I'm glad you had fun, though!