Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No more vacation? =(

Clearly I was too drunk in my last post to realize why I was even online.

I am back from my amazing trip. After a really long boring 3 hour delayed layover, I made it to my destination and it was nothing but good times from there. Although the drunk couple, or should I say drunk wife (her husband seemed sober and was quite nice), on their honeymoon were quite entertaining. I envied her inebriation as I was sober and really just wanting to get out of that damn airport.

Despite the rough start to my vacation, everything from there was wonderful. My liver and stomach are cursing me as we spent many nights drinking and dancing. Something I am not used to. Well, the drinking yes, but clearly had more than I should have if I was dancing. Spending the weekend with one of my best friends was so amazing! It made me realize how much I missed her and how wonderful she is. It seems odd sleeping alone now. My bed feels super empty.

I can't even begin to summarize the trip. We packed so much into three and a half days it amazed me. I even tried mechanical bull riding. I saw amazing sites. I listened to amazing live music. I met some really amazing people. I really spent a lot of time taking in the culture and gorgeous city as well as the really weird confusing highways. If I had to drive for the weekend we would have ended up in Mississippi. I was confused just sitting in the passenger seat.

All in all, it really made me want to move there and get out of here. On my first flight home that put me on a layover in Texas, someone wore a lot of cheap cologne and gave me my first experience with nausea on a plane. On the second half of my flight I sat in front of a 4 year old that spent the entire 3 hours from Texas to California kicking the back of my chair. Two more reason I was unhappy about going home.

Back to a life of responsibilities and general boredom. Haha. At least I have an awesome photo of me on a bull with my hair eating my face. If I were ever to become famous the paparazzi would never get a photo of me. My hair will always eat my face, it is awesome like that. Sometimes I resemble Cousin It from the Adam's Family. Well that's what I'm told at least.

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