Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pansies and the swine flu

Alright ya'll, I am so freaking sick and tired of all this fear over the swine flu. First off, before you all think I'm just spouting off my own version of the facts, here's an article from the LA times (,0,3606923.story) about how this strain, according to the WHO (World Health Org) and CDC, is possibly not even as deadly as your RUN OF THE MILL INFLUENZA VIRUS.

Sorry, the ridiculous panic at work has me really irritated. This one lady badgered my manager about buying our ENTIRE inventory of hand sanitizer. Are you fucking serious? Just wash your hands. Sure, I don't care, but I really don't want to be badgered by the next drove of crazy panicked people about why we have no hand sanitizer in stock. Trust me, crazy fear panicked people will just scream at you because the crazy person before them cleaned us out.

Then you have these GENIUS doctors giving out tamiflu Rx's like they're goddamn candy.

Listen, it's a waste of money IF YOU ARE NOT SICK. Leave the medication for people who are actually sick and NEED this medication. It's a waste of resources and money. It irritates me that people are hoarding all this medication when they don't even so much as have a sniffle.

Want to get through the swine flu scare? I am going to leave you with what I left on my facebook.

Wash your hands and don't fuck pigs. There's your PSA for the day.

But seriously, wash your hands. If you don't regularly, that's just nasty.


Ashley said...

If I'd read this 24 hours ago, I would have just agreed, but since then I've become slightly paranoid. I haven't gone to the pharmacy, but I have been washing my hands a lot and thinking about germs. It all started when that girl had her card half in her mouth and then handed it to me!

I just don't even understand the real hysteria when we already know the flu kills a ton of people and this flu isn't worse than normal. I would probably be freaked if I had a small child, though.

Allie said...

Im' getting pretty fed up with it, too. I tend to take everything the WHO says with a grain of salt, anyway...I mean, they didn't acknowledge AIDS properly for YEARS (yes, it was 25 years ago, but still). I kind of wonder if they'd even acknowledge this if Americans weren't getting sick. Did ALL those Mexicans get sick in one day? I don't think so.

My boyfriend won't talk to me right now because of this, either. I have bad allergies, but all he's talking about these days is swine flu and he's decided that he can't risk getting it by being near me. Apparently, that includes using a phone or im. You know Bill Ingvall's idiot sign? I want to give one to him.

Carolyn said...

Allie- the thing is, the amount of people who have contracted this is about 0.0000425% of the population. Just because it's named after a farm animal doesn't suddenly make it the scariest virus in the world. Most people diagnosed don't even need to see a doctor and treat it like the regular flu. I work with sick people all day and I'm not even worried. I guess I'm just cynical haha.

Hahaha really? Your boyfriend is being really silly. As far as I know, viruses don't magically transmit via the internet or can travel through phone lines.

Brahmin in Boston said...

I completely agree with you Carolyn. I have gotten irritated beyond measure.

I feel it is required to warn the public about this but not in a way that scares the sh*t out of them.

It gets pretty exasperating when the early morning news are always like "doom doom here comes the swine flu..."

Brahmin in Boston said...

Thanks for the comment Carolyn!

I DO hope that you find bigger and better AND fulfilling things in your life than that you have now...

Also congratulations in advance for the 2 year anniversary!

mewi said...

lol XD Carolyn going emo over hand sanitizer :P

Just kidding, but I do not agree with all this swine flu hype. From day 1, I knew it was most likely the result of poor healthcare from the south.

Generally when these things happen in Mexico and else where, it is due to poor maintenance of animal farms, just remember to be a vegetarian like me lol.

Anyway try to relax, give the people what they want and remember to do it with a smile! ( Don't kill me I'm just kidding XD )