Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have a deep love for the counter that separates me from my patients. It keeps them a safe distance away from my personal bubble and gives me some space from their germs haha.

I try to avoid going out to show people where things are and just direct them with directions, but sometimes... they really can't listen. "Aisle 8, halfway down the aisle, middle shelf, left hand side" Then when they walk to aisle 7 and look to the right... well.. you begin to wonder if they have x-ray vision or can't read signs. The reason I don't like going out there is because they always encroach on my space. This one lady stood shoulder to shoulder with me when looking at items I was showing her in the aspirin section. Her entire body, shoulder down, was pretty much squished up against the side of my body. After that, I really just didn't want to go show anyone anything.

Well today, this little old lady was asking about an item, and she couldn't find it in the aisle so I left my protective counter to show her where it was. She was a little old lady, how much harm could she do? Right? Right??

As she turns around to thank me for pointing out the three shelves of the brand she was looking for, she grabs my boob. I know, this was an accident, but after the lady scratching at me last week during Mamma Mia, I am still a wee bit traumatized. I mumble a 'no problem' because at this point my personal space has been violated, and shuffled back behind the counter.

I do have weird personal space issues when it comes to strangers. If I know the person I'm fine.. but for some reason strangers freak me out.

Moving on...

So I was helping this lady with a discount for her medications. She was very happy that I told her about the 'discount card', but at the same time was VERY angry at us for not telling her earlier? So she was half thanking me, and half yelling at my coworkers (none of whom were present since it was 8am haha) screaming and saying "I don't know how you work with some of these people! Ugh!"

Wow. Awkward. I managed a few mumbled words, awkward silence while she ranted, all the while my pharmacist was giggling in a corner. Thanks. Then she nearly reached over to grab my hands, in what I am guessing was a gesture of thanks, and of course I flinch. Very noticeably. I pretty much flinched, took a step back and gave her the "WTF don't touch me!" look. I felt really bad... but it was just my reaction at 8am on a Sunday. It's not often a patient reaches out to touch my hands.

For the record, most of my coworkers are nicer than I am. Which I found ironically funny.

I also find it awkward when people thank me and bow. I'm not really sure why. I'm sure they mean no offense by it, but it makes me feel super awkward. Especially when they look at me and expect me to bow back. I usually raise an eyebrow. Just cos I'm Asian doesn't mean I'm a super FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) Asian.

To top off this entry, I am awkwardly flirting via text while writing this entry. 200 loser points go to me! Sweet.

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Ashley said...

I work in just about the most confusing library ever, so I'm always giving directions and so often people get this totally glazed over look in their eyes and I know they're not actually listening to me, but they asked for directions, so I have to tell them! They're not too bad about personal space, but I have to admit that some of the undergrads don't seem too into showering, and they lean over the counter at me and it's all I can do not to lean away. I'm also super nice normally, but I often feel like a major bitch at work. I just don't like hearing the same questions about things people can do for themselves. Okay, sorry for ranting all over your comments. ;)