Monday, September 7, 2009


As a former college and high school band member, I almost forgot how much I loved going to football games. I didn't really like watching football before college, but being part of the band made it even better. I always liked playing football (both American and European footy) but watching it was always kind of eh, to me.

Watching the showdown between my alma mater and our in state rivalry game for the first time in two years really made me nostalgic. It totally took me back to my first day of college band and the friends I made that taught me so much. They taught me how to dance (I am still terrible, but it was fun none the less), we had tickle wars, and had countless memories together going to games, having long rehearsals, and homecoming parades.

Being part of the school band with people who took pride in what we did to put on an amazing show because we simply loved doing it, made it one of the best things I did in college. The rehearsals and time commitment were grueling, sometimes on an icy field covered in snow, and in the late fall, we even rehearsed in the dark with only a cell phone or glow sticks that allowed us to see the drum majors.

I loved every moment. I loved show time, I loved performing, I loved playing my trumpet, learning music, being with people who loved it maybe even more than I did. Watching the game this year made me smile. And even though I was a thousand miles away, I still cheered like I was right there with them.



And we totally beat them to the ground this year.

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The Surprise Dyke said...

Girlfriend is a former college marching band person-need I say more? We watch games and I am forbidden from peeing during half-time and must stand OR ELSE. It's fun times all around, especially when football is not a sport that I care at all about...