Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh the things people say.

ok so I lied. I got bored with logging my trip. Instead I bring you this:

I am standing at the counter organizing our cash drawers because for a glorious 20 minutes it was not busy! We had a rather uneventful, less screaming than usual day. Really odd for us. I look up from the drawer and see a couple approaching. The guy looks really intoxicated and the woman looks really embarrassed to be with him. I try and access the situation in my head when he suddenly looks at me and shouts:


I blink twice because rarely do I hear shouting about condoms in the tightassed area I work in and reply 'Aisle 3.'

And just as quickly as this happened the girl looks even more embarrassed and shoves him towards aisle three. Glad they are using protection. haha.

At least it wasn't the lady telling me about her herpes outbreak in detail. Yech. My favorite though is the person that calls their acyclovir: assy-clover. Yes, I'm sure it feels like assy clovers, but after a few years pushing pills you get used to all sorts of funny pronounciations. It did take a few tries for me to figure out she was asking for acycovir. I don't blame them, a lot of the generic names are hard to pronounce, but it is damn funny to hear people that are high off their ass trying to pronounce generic vicodin.

Moving on. My coworkers are also hilarious. Working with them helps ease the pain of the day away because they make me laugh. They also like asking highly personal questions. It's like your love life is so much more interesting when you are the gay kid in the pharmacy. Or maybe I just don't talk about my love life quite as often as they do so they like to inquire? It's also great when I feel nauseous and they immediately ask if I'm pregnant, pause for 10 seconds, then laugh at their own 'joke' as I look at them confused and slightly horrified. Sorry dear, it'd have to be one hell of a drunken night for that to happen.

My puppy is staring at me and looks like he's going to sit on my keyboard if I do not play with him. So cute.


nikki said...

Aw cute puppy. I know what it feels like to be guilt tripped like that. They are worse than cats in that way!

Carolyn said...

Nikk- He is the sweetest. I love him to bits, even if he sits on my computer

Brahmin in Boston said...

Hahahah!!!! Funny funny funny!!



What Nikki said was SO true - I used to end up giving half and more of my lunch when my grandma's dog used to give me the "look".

Thanks for the advice! I was actually going to bring ear plugs! :-)