Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Work ramblings

So I'm back at work. After being questioned by several people with the same 'you're back back now right? Like for reals back???' and my nodding and saying I've been cleared to work as long as I don't do something utterly stupid like lift 50lb totes of drugs than I will be fine, with the occasional wincing pain from my ribs. Working with bruised or fractured ribs is not so fun (my orthopedic surgeon would not tell me for sure, he said whichever it was that I would just have to let it heal). I was greeted with several firm pats to my shoulders and back, which when you are still sensetive to touch is not a pleasant feeling. I can tell they are genuinely glad to see me, but damn that hurt.

It's weird really, and half the time I am off in my own little world if I decided that I was in too much pain to work without aid of medications. I HATE TAKING THEM. They make me feel better, but make me feel so weird. The problem is, it's so hard to run around and focus on work with pain. Once, I must have forgotten to eat because I felt high as a mother effing kite. I'm standing there smiling like a goofball and talking like an idiot, and my coworkers find this great so they send me off to talk to patients. Well fuck me. I'm standing there feeling giddy as shit, trying to interact with patients. Thank goodness I didn't giggle.

I'm also glad my focus wasn't impaired and caught some unusual (aka fake) scripts that went by. I also caught an incorrect script order for painkillers and anti-anxiety meds for a 1 year old. How the computer system and insurance company didn't find 2mg of xanax and vicodin ES (extra strength) order for a 1 year old weird is beyond me. Can't believe it passed through so many people before it landed in my hands to sell to the patient. Definitely glad I took the shift that day. Signs that my coworkers are being overworked, and need some more help and time off. I also went by and smacked the person that took it in.

Flu shot season is also in full swing. That means on top of our ever growing volume of Rx's we get to give people flu shots. Rar, this whole daily flu shot thing totally sucks, for us. And now that we are feeling competitive with other stores one of my bosses is seriously pushing on us to do more. This one goes to sleep thinking about giving flu shots.

I am glad to be back at work, even if it is crazy stressful. I've also just been offered a position at another store. A slower, nicer store. Same pay, easier hours and volume. I might take it. I just feel so guilty about leaving my current position.

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