Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Spirit!

Wow. Seriously, I knew I had a special place in my heart for college football, but this weekend it got even better. My usual dilemma is not having anyone from my alma mater to enjoy the game with since I went to college out of state. Today I found my solution. I joined a group of people I had never met before today, but we all had one thing in common: we love watching our college football team and of course, school spirit.

I was a bit nervous because I am a strange mix of introvert/extrovert. Apparently my subconscious decides by itself whether I am going to be an introvert or extrovert that day. It's all dependent on environment, state of mind, and state of sobriety. I almost didn't even go because I was strangely nervous about hanging out with a bunch of strangers and our only link was our alma mater. I'm glad I forced myself to go. I was immediately welcomed because I was wearing a school shirt. Two beers later we were having a fine time cheering, groaning, and having fun conversations with each other. I felt a bit odd being one of the youngest there, but it was so much fun meeting people who went to the same school I did regardless of when we graduated.

I'm so glad I went. My voice is hanging by a thread and I may not be able to talk to my patients without sounding like a pre-pubescent boy tomorrow, but that's ok! I am exhausted from working like crazy, going to the game to cheer my heart out, then home to finish some chores, but it was all so worth it.

Now I'm watching Dinner: Impossible; and this crazy lady just asked him to make dinner, all with candy infused in it. Mac n' Cheese with candy, soup with candy, pork with candy, etc. GROSS. WHY. Why would you want candy in EVERYTHING? Are the hosts dentists hoping all their guests will get cavities? I mean that's just gross. Gummy peach quiche. EW. Bedtime. More work tomorrow =(

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Brahmin in Boston said...

YAY for you!

I am glad that you enjoyed the time with you alma mater buddies. It is strange how someone unknown can make us comfortable so soon.

I love dessert!! My hubby tells me that I just go through the motions of dinner just so that I can have dessert :-)