Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's love

I'm one of those fools that is always wary about new things. I'll be honest though, as careful as I can be, I tend to make snap judgements on whether or not I'm going to like someone or something. Sure I can be covinced to change my mind eventually, as long as there's evidence enough to convince me I was wrong. Hmm.. Science must really have a hold on me. Once I make up my mind, I tend to let the little things either prove me right or wrong. Is that some sick way of having a hypothesis, then holding ot some weird social experiment to draw my conclusions? I never really noticed that about myself, but maybe I do?

Well, after two years, I have concluded that it definitely is love. I love my pup. He's the best darn pup I could ever ask for. He's about as stubborn as I am, and even cuddlier. Some mornings I'll wake up and find him pouncing on me doing the I NEED TO PEE dance, other mornings he'll lie quietly in his own little corner waiting for me to get my lazy ass up. I wasn't sure about it for a while. I knew I really like him and loved playing with him, but I didn't know I could love him this much! Sometimes when I'm sad I'll just cuddle him and he'll make my day better. He'll give me that silly goofy smile of his and it'll just melt my heart.

Not to mention he does the cutest things. He'll lie on his back with his paws up in the air and a ball in his mouth, just because. He'll play ball by himself (because it's his ball and he doesn't like giving it up. haha) I love the way he sprawls out on his stomach with his legs stretched back and his front legs stretched forward. It's like a bear rug, only cuter and not scary. Once I found him playing around in the hamper stealing socks. This guy used to be a huge sock bandit. I'd come home from work and before I even had a chance to remove them, he'd be nipping at my feet and run off to the other side of the house with my sock. Glad we broke that habit, but I admit, he was cute doing it. The best is when we go for car rides. He can open the windows himself if I didn't feel like opening the windows. Then he runs back and forth in the back seat changing windows at his leisure. I love watching him stick his little face out and sniffing at everything.

I can't believe how much I love this little guy. As much fun as I was having in Hawaii, every night I would think of him and miss him.

I woke up this particular morning to watch the sunrise and wished he was there so I could cuddle him. Attachment issues? Probably. It was only day 3 of a 7 day vacation and I was missing him since day 1. I cuddled him before I left for the airport the morning I left feeling so sad to leave him for a whole week. He groaned because it was 5am and I woke him up haha.

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The Surprise Dyke said...

AWWWW, I love my pup too! I discovered it when I had to go visit my family and because of circumstances left him behind. I cried each day because I missed him. I have NO idea how I'm going to leave him for 10 days when I go to Hawaii...welcome to the pup love club!