Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok so I am posting from my iPod cos I am too lazy to go to my computer and it has been taken over by my dad. It also does some weird word swaps so sorry in advance haha.

My lab partner came over to work on our chemistry stuff and she is currently fast asleep on my couch haha. I don't blame her we have both been at work since before the sun came up and now it's gone to bed and we want to too. I am beat such a long day sigh.

Cam came in today and looked extra cute. This better not get out of hand heh. When she came in today she was wearing make up, well more than she did from the last times I saw her. I basically stopped what I was doing and stared as she walked past. I don't think anyone noticed haha. She may have.

I love women...

D'oh. *must not think of her that way!!* I think it's an extra sign that I need to leave my job and do something else. That and I am beginning to injure myself a lot more at work. I almost body slammed into a few of my coworkers and I got hit in the head by a bottle of Vicodin. How's that for irony? I need to wake up big time at work.

I drilled my coworker C on brand/generic names. Everyone stared at us like we're nuts. Hey, we're nerds, if we don't have anything to do, we do nerdy things to pass the time. It was fun. She cracks me up, and I think the initial shock of OMG YOU'RE GAY! has worn off and been replaced with, you're still an smart ass. haha. She was acting a bit weird. Whew. Now we're back to making fun of each other. I'm glad. That woulda sucked.

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