Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I got home at 6ish today and have failed to do anything productive. Lamesauce. That'd be all fine and good if I had been productive for the past two days. The only thing I did was a chem quiz. Bad!

And the worst part is it's finals week.

It seems everyone is hard of hearing lately too. I think one of the things that have annoyed me most lately is that people keep repeating to me their last name when I ask them to spell it. I'm sorry... I really can't spell your complicated 17 letter last that only has 2 vowels in it. Repeating it to me... not gonna magically make me spell it. Then everyone has a hissy fit over spelling it. I spell my last name when I give it to people! Though I rarely give it to people. Too easy to stalk me, thank you California, for making stalking us easy as pie.

*sigh* And drama filled women. Seriously, everyone has their panties in a bunch at work. So in turn it stresses me out and makes me go insane. Then people wonder why I don't feel like talking to anyone. Because I don't want to get yelled at! Sheesh. Women.

I think we're just not morning people.

In other funny news... ya'll should watch this video, Prop 8 the Musical. It's awesome.

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The Surprise Dyke said...

hey, if you are looking for some worthwhile procrastination, I'm totally obsessed with the Orange Box thing....I've already plugged it on my blog, but really, it just gets better!