Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Prescriptions, needles, and bugs, oh my!

My job isn't that dangerous, you only get the slightly scary, please put the knife down every few years, luckily I haven't been present for any of those. Hopefully, I won't be around for any of those. Getting kidnapped at gunpoint, having people pull knives on you, nothing I'd really like to experience. True events, a few months before my time at my company. My only experience actually seems very insignificant to theirs.

A man recently passed away and his ex-wife (they were separated, but she still took care of him) brought his prescriptions in a giant paper bag for us to dispose. Normally we don't do this, I didn't learn exactly why until now. It's not the complete reason, but I'm sure one of the reasons we are not supposed to do it. Well I guess I was nominated to peel off labels for patient privacy purposes. not even sure why we had to do it really.

As I stupidly stuck my hand in the grab the next bottle or box I noticed syringes. Yep syringes. Hmmm. Shouldn't you be more careful now? Yes, yes you should. So I stopped blindly grabbing things and started peering into the bag. I'm nearly done with it when I noticed opened syringes lying at the bottom, as well as a very large, very dead insect. I don't do well with spiders and large unidentifiable bugs, so I let out a scream. Not the super girly screams, but an AH! and shuffling away from the bag (as if that'd help). The pharmacist, who I get a funny feeling doesn't really like me, apologized that she had me do it because I could have gotten pricked? Whatever, she's a nice lady, sometimes mean to me, but who isn't at my work haha.

I washed my hands several times. I wasn't traumatized, just a bit caught off guard by the large insect buried next to needles.

Aside from that the most danger I'm usually ever in are people who get angry and yell, scream, and hit things. The night shift gets... weirder things. Like pedophiles stealing baby diapers to masturbate in in the bathroom. Gross. Or the clearly high and drunk belligerant people.

I can't wait to puruse my area of expertise haha.

For now these are the kind of moments I live for. When you get to know a family, unfortunately because their child is ill. He has leukemia and he's only 4 years old. I'm their compounding technician So I make his meds sometimes. The moments I live for is seeing the family drive by the drive thru and him waving at me letting me know he's going home! at least for now.


The Surprise Dyke said...

I would have lost it too with a big dead bug...and commenting on the night shift people, well coming from someone who in college would go out with friends to Wal-Mart or Steak-and-Shake at 3am...yeah, all the freaks and weirdos come out then...not quite sure what that says about my friends and me...

Carolyn said...

Haha, I was the same way in college. We would go out really late at night after the bars close and that's when trouble starts.

It just means we're experienced cultured people? haha

sheA said...

you kids and your crazy ANTics- get it? I included a bug in the comment...ya ok that was stooooopid- but you did chuckle, am I right, I know you chuckled..I' just saying.

Carolyn said...

I giggled and smirked heehee.