Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Musical Madness

Ok, I am super excited for the lineup this year at the Pantages in LA. I am even MORE excited now that my sister just gave me $150 gift certificate to the Pantages for Christmas!!!!!

I am so excited. A part of me wants to see Phantom, but after seeing it in Vegas, I don't know if LA can top what the Venetian did. I want to see Mamma Mia, Rent, Rain (Beatles musical), Grease, and Dirty Dancing.

I am squeeing all over the freaking place right now.

(And for those of you wondering, I got my xmas present now cos they never spend xmas here. So we always open it before they leave.)


The Surprise Dyke said...

one word: jealous

sheA said...

and may I echo the sentiment of my friend Jersey-

JeeeeaLous Jeeeealous...jea.....lous - how 'bout that for an echo effect

and SERIOUSLY the letters I have to type for the comment approval thing.....unballs- no freakin joke

Carolyn said...

Shea- hahah unballs. that's awesome.

I wish I could take both of you with me! What a great outing that'd be