Thursday, December 25, 2008


I know everyone's been busy with the holiday hustle and bustle, but I had no idea I would be too. I thought I'd be bored to death with all the time off I had unlike last year when I had to work overtime during the holidays.

I've been away for a bit spending lots of time with my kids and family. It's been great, I took them to see movies, watched them open their Christmas presents, treated my cousins and their parents to a Christmas Eve dinner (I think that caught them off guard haha), and I even got to go skiing! My baby cousin was super adorable going down the slope after ski school shouting CAROLYN LOOK ME SKIIIIII! I was by myself for a bit since I am a more advanced skier than my kids. I suddenly found myself at the top at the mountain wondering what on earth I was thinking. The only time I fell though was when a guy crashed into me from behind. He took out the back of my knees and I fell in slow motion like a tree. Timberrr!

I've been having such a great time away from work. haha.

I am also now poor due to the amount of money I've spent on my kids. I didn't buy them expensive gifts, I just took them out a whole lot. I don't regret it though, spending time with them is worth way more than money ever will. I love spending time with them. One of their mom's (my aunt) called me Christmas eve (they opened my present as their one present on Christmas eve) and laughed saying that she got the same gift for him. That was funny.

I also met a girl. She makes me laugh, seems really fun, and I think I kind of like her. We have a great time talking, but the only downside is she lives a bit far from me. And she's a few years younger (don't yell at me TSD!). It doesn't bother me that she's younger, but I think I'm just weirded out by it slightly because I'm used to dating older women. And when I say that I mean two. haha. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday, I am playing catch up on your blogs I promise! Love and cheer all around <3


The Surprise Dyke said...

Girl, I would SOOO not yell at you for dating younger...I mean that's just the pot calling the kettle black...or the homo calling the dyke gay...pick your phrase and keep us updated on the girl! :-)

sheA said...

Sounds like you have been having a great holiday- and ^5 on the new girl!

Carolyn said...

TSD- Haha I meant don't yell at me cos I'm a dork and complaining about a 2 year difference. Well not really complaining, but you know what I mean =) You and your phrases rock my socks.

Shea- Yeah I have been having a wonderful holiday

And to both you lovely women - will certainly keep you updated. I haven't talked to her in a few days. Too much holiday fun hehe