Sunday, November 30, 2008

I think I broke the closet door on the way out.

I think having to be in the closet with my family has pretty much prevented me from being in the closet at work, which is like my second home since I'm there so freakin much. Which is a huge change to a year ago before I was tossed out of the closet by my coworkers. My sexuality is just not a topic I usually discuss, but since I'm such a bad liar, I used to refer to my ex as 'them'. I know lame. So since I would never say he, or ex-boyfriend or whatever, they picked up on it and being the gossipy people they are eventually figured it out. After reassurances and being told how much it annoyed them that I never really say I'm gay and that I just gloss over it, I got over it.

Well, cue today... I am still very wary about coming out to new coworkers because I like to avoid any type of drama or weird stuff with people. So unless it comes up I usually just keep it to myself. I was talking to Cam today and telling her why I was tired and pissed off because my ex had called me very late at night and then some asshole decided to call me at 3am, I just dropped the whole 'them' crap and said she/her. Several times. I figured it was best not to confuse anyone, it's bound to come up, especially with L around who outs me all the time. I don't know I figured if Cam had a problem with it, so be it. What was she going to do to me? She took it very well.

Well I take the really big smile and laughing at me (as per usual) as a sign that it didn't matter, she didn't care, or she already knew. Well, when you come rolling out of the closet, might as well do it with a bang right? I had to tell Ivan the story about L tossing me out (again), and Cam and the new girl(TNG) were still in the room. He laughed his butt off. TNG, I don't really know how she reacted since my back was to her, but I see her like once a week. Opposite shifts and schedules and whathaveyou.

All I have to do now is take care of this silly crush. Give me two weeks. She reminds me of my ex, so that is either going to help or make things worse. We shall see.

In other unrelated news I took my kids to see Bolt! (For the confused, I refer to my little cousins as my kids hehe) Such a cute movie!! I had to run home and hug and cuddle my pup after. I didn't realize how much I missed my kids until last night. It had been a while since the four of us went out for dinner and a movie. Well, The Dark Knight being the last time. They are all so grown up now! Before I left for college they were just elementary school kids and now the oldest is in high school! I decided to watch the 3D version which was awesome! I giggled and said, Merry Christmas guys, don't think you're getting Xmas gifts now haha. Which is a total lie and they know it. They just don't know their Christmas presents are either one their way to me or already in my room.

In other exciting news, I am going back to visit my college friends in January, and/or possibly going to Hawaii and staying with an old friend from high school! I am soooo excited!! I haven't seen him since he was deployed to Iraq and he's been back for two years now! But he's currently stationed in HI, so I never got a chance to see him. He's such a great guy. Haha he said he had some lesbians for me to meet. That was hilarious. We were pretty close while he was deployed, and I'm so happy he's safe back in the states for now. I'm so glad he's coming back in a month!

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