Monday, November 24, 2008


I didn't have such a fun day at work. In fact my friend actually called me the grim reaper when I came back from break. I didn't kill anyone, I was just dressed in black (it's suddenly cold and the shirt is long sleeved and that's why I wore it haha) but I had this look of "I hate this place" on my face. It was funny though so I had to laugh.

Anyways, things are better between Missy and I. I think we are both stubborn people peeved at the world and each other. Who knows.

Ok so Yay friends! <3333

My friend T and I were waiting for out friends to meet us for dinner, what we didn't know was they already had a table and were waiting for us. T and I sat in the lounge for a good 30 minutes (no joke) before we all realized that we were waiting on each other. We tried calling, but no one answered and we kept commenting and wondering why they were so late haha.

Dinner was inappropriate good times all around. I am stuffed, I am happy from laughing for two straight hours. I got the hugs and <3 I needed after a really long few months. I completely forgot about T drunkenly rolling herself (literally) down the street at 6am and teaching each other inappropriate things in foriegn languages. It was fun to catch up with them again too. I am full of love right now haha.

Tomorrow, as promised, I'm going to take my friend S to the shooting range. I am like Ms. Gun Safety heh. I've taught a lot of my friends basic firearm safety, handling, and marksmanship. She's been wanting to go, so I figure why not? I haven't been to the range in a few months and I'm a bit rusty. I'm excited. I do not condone gun violence of any kind, except at paper targets and Yes on 8 signs.

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sheA said...

YahOooo for inappropriate good times and target practice on Yo8 signs,...Pop Pop ( thats my bullet sound - like a 357 huh? )