Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Story...

So our system "upgrade" turns out as it usually does, a severe system crash where the pharmacy is completely paralyzed and all we can really do is ring people up for scripts that were finished before said system crash. So we're getting calls from corporate about how our system is doing and we're going to be in "central mode" for a while. Which is their code for you're going to be standing around doing nothing for a while. At least in store mode I can check my work que and fill/type? In central mode I can't do diddly squat. And the upgrade improved what? Nothing that I noticed. It just seems to crash more.

Anyways so after our systems are back up and running, we need to reboot all 6 computers, the "robot", sign onto everything again, and then prepare the hell that is unleashed from a mornings unproductiveness. Thank goodness I got the warehouse order finished before we crashed or else I would have been faced with my manager yelling "WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THE ORDER?!!!11!one" For the next week.

Ahem sorry, onto the funny story.

So this lady comes in to give me the script for her kids. I do my usual "Ok, what's the date of birth?"

Her "zero nine zero two one one"

Me *blinks* "..... sorry what was the year?"

Her "one one"

Me *confused* ".......... one one?"

Ger "Yes. September two two thousand and one"

Right that's so the same thing... but I kept my mouth shut and processed the script.

I was so freakin confused I was like you have a child born in 1911? Cos last I checked it's not 2011 yet... So unless you're getting meds filled for your unborn child I'm confused. Seriously though... I thought I was just going deaf.

So tired must sleep. I was in a comfy caccoon for all of three hours before my alarm woke up up at 550 am. I was so well rolled up I couldn't get out for a few minutes. It was so warm I didn't want to leave! So I ended up being late by like 15 minutes. Rawr, mostly cos I'm rarely late for an opening shift. At least it was only 15 minutes and not an hour like some haha.

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