Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bilingual Pups

Ever since my baby was a pup I always spoken to him in two languages. Vietnamese and English. Mostly because my parents will speak to him in Vietnamese. Bilingual people can be fun, but bilingual dogs are just awesome.

It's so cute. When I say "Let's go" in Vietnamese and he perks right up and goes running towards the door. You say "Let's go..." he'll perk up, but if you finish with "Take a bath." Good luck trying to catch him. I just chased him around the house for a good 5 minutes yelling "Bath time!" in Vietnamese for fun. I know. I'm such a mean mom, but it's so funny to watch him run away.

Come to think of it... it is bath time for him. Drats. I'll have to catch him off guard later. He hates his own bath, but if I'm in the shower and he's pushed his way through the door he'll try ande jump in the shower with me. What a silly puppy.

And random question, have any of you heard about the December 10 No gays for a day? Besides NaTD, because you sent me that thing on FB. Are you coming home for Christmas? I'm sure your mom wouldn't be too happy if you weren't hehe.

I thought about it, but I can't really do that to my coworkers. As much as I'd love to take a day off, especailly for this, they've always been supportive and the only people that will feel the backlash would be them. Our patients would just yell at them more for being slow and they wouldn't be too happy with me after that. Anyt thoughts?

Blargh, migraine. I'm going to go to bed before midnight tonight hopefully.


The Surprise Dyke said...

I've heard of it....I'm not so sure for me. I'm all about fighting for a cause, but it's completely legal for them to fire me if I call in "gay". And I don't want to be a putz and call in sick...unless you count being sick of being ignored, but I digress. I'm struggling, I'm not sure what to do on that one...I'm definitely in on the post card thing though (check out my blog side link for more info if you're interested). I understand the struggle of not wanting to crap on your co-workers, it's not their fault!

Carolyn said...

I don't think they'd fire me, but they might since it's not a disease and does not prevent me from doing my job. They might write me up, but firing me might offset the whole pharmacy. I'm not sure if they'd be more pissed about me calling in gay, or pissed if I were to be fired because of it. Luckily my company has non-discrimination policiies including sexual orientation and offer same-sex partner benefits. Squee.

And I will check it out, thanks!

sheA said...

The school system I work for protects the whole sexual orientation, so i wouldn't lose my job-but, heck I would call in gay just as a show of solidarity to those educators who still are not protected...the kids would have to work by themselves because if all of the teachers/ assistants called in gay- the whole program would call in- ok so maybe only 7 people - but still- Im just sayin...

Carolyn said...

Shea- Stand united! I would just feel way too guilty to do that to them though =(

Cos I get mad whenever people call in sick as I'm drowning in prescriptions when that happens, especially since it's flu season