Sunday, November 2, 2008

WTF? Are we in Nazi Germany in the 1940s right now?

So I had to work this morning and I went to get my morning coffee. I pass by a McDonalds drive thru and someone had taped this to one of their signs:

"Straights only."

I was appalled. Not only do I have to see 7 yes on 8 signs every day on my 10 minute drive to work, I can't even get my coffee in peace?

Why all the hate? I think people just need a group of people to dislike to give them purpose. One of my coworkers stole a few yes on 8 signs. I was amused. The only minor at our store and she's the one stealing signs. What makes me more amused is she didn't even know voting is this Tuesday. Her excuse was she's not old enough to vote yet haha.

I just can't wait for November 5 because I am really sick of all this.


sheA said...

some people are ridiculously stupid...good luck on NO on 8...

Not a Total Disaster said...

I can't wait for Nov 5th either! ;-)