Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanks, mom.

Awww for heart to hearts with my younger cousin. Well she's only 4 months younger than me, but still. We used to be really close when we were younger, but around high school we grew apart into two very different people. She was with the Asian crowd, and then some other crowd/basketball I don't recall. I was the band/softball/musical theatre crowd and we just became two very different people. She's very girly, and well, I'm not.

Our older cousin actually brought us closer together again. Mostly because we hang out with her together haha. We're planning a trip to NYC next year, just the three of us, should be fantastic. Maybe I'll finally come out to her. (I'm already out to my older cousin)

Anyways so she called me up today out of the blue (because she never calls me) and asked if I wanted to watch the Lakers game. I figure, why not? It's not really my thing, but I know she loves it and I should spend more time with her anyways. We didn't really watch the game as much as talk about our futures. Me and my sudden fear of pharmacy school, and she's been worried about not knowing what she wants to do with her life and her degree. I've had a lot of these talks with her before, reassuring her that taking the time now to figure out what she wants to do with her life rather than later would be beneficial. And reassuring her that money isn't everything.

We ended up talking about finances, stocks, 401k's, and careers instead of watching the game haha. We also talked about prop 8 and the presidential election (like I said I haven't seen her in months). It makes me happy that she opposed it, and stood up for it even though her dad was for it and like my mother, very adament that it gays are wrong, we are dumb kids, and that we should vote yes.

Speaking of solidarity, my sister in law saw my pictures from the rally on Saturday. I think she's happy that I've become less apathetic heh. She was telling me about dinner with my parents and how my mom leaned over to ask her how she voted on prop 8.

S: "So yeah, your mom leaned over and I was like oh shit. here it comes."
Mom: "So how did you vote on prop 8?"
S: "I voted no... But so did T (my bro) and Carolyn."

later to me: "Yeah sorry dude, I had to throw you and your brother under the bus too. I wasn't going to be singled out. But dude, your mom was just like yeah Carolyn doesn't know what she's talking about."

I busted up laughing. Ah, I love how my mom thinks I'm an idiot just because I have my own opinions.

I'm not out to my brother or sister yet, maybe some day soon. I love them dearly, but my brother has a big mouth, and my sister tells him almost everything haha. I'm excited, by this time next year I may be an Aunt!!! Squee!!!


mewi said...

Hey Carolyn, I'm not 100% out to my family either, it's kinda bothersome, especially when they say things that are contradictory to what I want lol.

Maybe it's time to come out fully? No time is a good time I guess o.o, You don't live with your parents right? They couldn't verywell kick you out XD?

I know, ( from a history of dating Asian girls XD ) that Asian parents have extremely high expectations of their children compared to others and can be extremely brutal if things don't go exactly their way, especially when it comes to homosexuality x.x

But that's to be expected since Asia and a lot of other places are still a bit lagging behind in that department. But it's only a matter of time I guess... whoops I'm rambling

I am now your follower =3

Random Thought: I remember when I got two cute girls who were cousins to kiss, that was fun *giggles evily*

Carolyn said...

No way is it time to come out fully. (see family post) I just moved back home a year and a half ago after undergrad before I apply to grad school.

ewwww. I'd never kiss my cousins. Well my baby cousin who is like 4 gives me pecks but that's about it. The older ones giggle when I even kiss them on the cheek. And that I even limit to like 11 and under. Any older is just weird to me ha.