Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I love my dog

Even though he snores, manages to push me off my large bed even though he's a tiny pup, steals all the covers and sometimes goes a little bonkers he is my baby and I love him.

So he is super dog now. The power went off in my house and my alarm of course is blinking some absurd number. Well I'm not sure what drove him crazy this morning but he is barking like there's no tomorrow and I figured he needed to go pee, but the door is open in my room. Odd. So I get up and say shhhh go outside and bark! Cos I'm soooo thinking clearly groggy and half awake. (I was up late talking to a friend from Japan on skype.)

Well I look to see what time it is and it's 10am. Then I realize that my alarm clock is blinking, should trigger some alarms right? Wrong, I turn to go back to bed because I'm like eh, who cares what time it is I don't work today. Just as my head hits the pillow I roll myself out of bed and onto the floor (you are free to laugh), and go SHIT! I work today! BLARGGHHH! Why did I say I'd cover for her?!

The best part in all this is he woke me up right when I needed to wake up for my shift! Well not really, cos as my friends pointed out, he'd rock if he didn't wake me up for work at all haha.

Anyways, so I get into work and I forgot we had an audit today. Argh, I hate pharmacy audits. They're a pain in the butt, but this time we had a really cute blonde auditor, not the middle aged smelly man auditor. The best part is her name is totally my fake name that I give to people I don't care for haha. I know I'm a horrible person. So as soon as I walk in, the pharmacist is joyful and says give them to Carolyn!

.... eh? *sigh* ok... I'll go rx hunting. Then when I finally finish everything, the order comes in. So I am off to sort drugs for an hour haha. Fun day eh? Then they changed our work flow and we're all pissed because it makes no sense. I doubt we'll follow it.

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