Saturday, November 15, 2008

CA Protest Summary

Ok, so there were raging fires all over southern California, we were still out in the heat and smoke protesting our hearts out. Well the fires weren't that close to us, but we could definitely see the smoke. It was so hot, I actually got a noticeable tan line.

It was so wonderful to see so many people in the little republican area of Orange County turn out to voice their anger over Prop 8. There was another protest going on about 15 minutes from us, so we were a bit split and afterwards some even went to the other event.

Chants included, "Gay, Straight, Black, White, Marriage is a civil right!" "Hey hey, Ho ho, Prop 8 has got to go!" "What do we want?" Civil rights! "When do we want them?" NOW!

Even though I got the day off I ended up having to go into work since the fires shut down the 91 freeway and our closer couldn't get to work. I went in for a few hours since it was insane in there and I couldn't say no to their plea for help. So no second protest for me =(

I met a few awesome people though. I also met this very cute woman. She had no sign, just a t-shirt she made. It was a pretty awesome shirt though. We talked for a bit and she had such a gorgeous smile. When we parted ways she said she'd probably see me at another one of these events. Well I sure hope there's one soon, and I really hope she's right heh.

Video from the protest can be found here:

Click for video

If the honking drives you mad, I'd fast forward to the end, I added a few cute pictures. I couldn't find music to go with the video though =(

Sorry about the crappy blog I am tired

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