Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I haven't been this active in a while... on the blog and in my life haha. Had my one day off! Squee! I worked out, then showered so I wouldn't be all smelly from the gym to meet up with my friend. Then we headed off to the range. On the way, I did my whole "gun safety" lesson because last thing I want is someone to lose a thumb. Some guy brought his gf to the range and she actually cut her thumb because he didn't bother to tell her about the slide. Psh. So while he was at the line I pulled her aside and explained the proper way to hold the gun so she wouldn't get cut again. Tisk tisk.

My friend did very well! She got a few in the center. It was amusing because when we first got there, a guy two lanes down started firing off rounds and scared the crap out of her. So next thing I knew I had someone cowering and leaning into me. LOL Like that was going to help if someone was shooting at us. It was funny. I have a few videos of her firing off a few rounds, but my dumbass forgot to charge my camera >.<

Then we had dinner. Yummy. Went back to my house to play with the pup. (bawww, he's laying next to me and he just farted big time. hahaha. I'm sure ya'll wanted to know that)

Then we went to get massages. Yessss. That felt sooo good. I fell asleep during mine.

I need to work out more. I always feel so much better after hitting the gym. I'm just too lazy to go most of the time haha.

Last story, so the shooting range I go to gave me my membership card and we were like... o.O umm there is an entire letter missing from my last name and the vowels are switched. As long as ya'll don't give me trouble I don't really care that my membership card reads some weird last name, but wtf? haha It's not even close!

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