Saturday, November 8, 2008

No I'm not giving up!

I seem to be extra angry today. I better check my calander. Caution, angry post below. Parentel advisory suggested due to adult content and language (haha).

Do people really think we're just going to roll over and say, oh well, I guess since you don't want to give us rights then we'll just suck it up and take it. Are you fucking kidding me? Do people actually think that it'll be over just like that? Give up something that's obviously important to us just because we lost this one fight?

Life isn't easy. No matter who you are, unless you're one big fucking idiot that's oblivious to everything going around in the world and you snort prozac (or crack) four times daily for fun. You better fucking believe we're going to fight it, and fight it until we win.

Honestly, the next person who says that "it's over and you should just get over it", I'm going to excommunicate them faster from my life than a gay mormon from the church of LDS. Or an Amish deciding they want to leave the Amish way of life. Whatever.

Soon we're going to look back on this election and think, wow these people were just a bunch of ignorant idiots. What were they thinking? The nation was watching CA and 52% of you blew it big time. So much for being a progressive state. I guess some people just buy into scare tactics easily and would rather be told how to think than actually think for themselves. Well I like to think for myself, so watch out bitches.
By the way, the next person who cites me how gay marriage is wrong 'cos the bible said so' is going to be smacked in the face by my 1,616 page Biochemistry textbook (Biochemistry by Voet and Voet, best text ever). Yeah, 8 lbs of pure science holiness IN YOUR FUCKING FACE. That book weighs more than two chihauhaus. WE DO NOT LIVE IN A THEOCRACY. This country was not founded for only one faith or belief. The United States of America was founded FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. So get your bible and your beliefs out of my face before I shove mine in yours. And remember, my book is much bigger and full of scary science. And it does not come in a tiny handy dandy travel sized pocket book. (Although it is also sold in two separate volumes. I am a hardcore biochemist and bought it in one haha) This thing is massive.

I think what really disgusts me is that "Eliminates Right" was printed on that ballot, and people still thought it was a good thing to vote for just because it had to do with gay people.

I'm going to steal some of those yes on 8 signs if they are still near my work and take them to the goddamn shooting range and shoot a giant NO through the yes.


smalls said...

yo go girl....there is hope the american puplic can't be that stupid??????? can they??? well it's time for things to change all around the country and I hope and pray (and caryy a big bat) the your state will get thier shit together and do the right thing....keep the faith..........


The Surprise Dyke said...

Preach it Carolyn! It's good and healthy to be livid sometimes!

Carolyn said...

Smalls- I think my friend in the UK said it best when he said "I guess some Americans still want to live in the dark ages."

We will get our shit together, it may just take more time than we'd like.

TSD- Yes it is! It gives me motivation to work out too. Haha, random right?