Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Outed at work, again.

Haha. So last night I was very excited in thinking my manager forgot to call and tell me she wanted me on as an "extra" to cover for the pre-Thanksgiving madness. Then at 11:01pm (according to my cell phone) I get a text message that read:

"Carolyn! I forgot to call and tell you to come in at 10am tomorrow!"

D'OH! I was so excited I made lunch plans to pick up my 12 and 14 year old cousins to have lunch since they got out of school early today. =( So I had to text one to tell them I couldn't. I was uber sad, I was really super excited to have lunch with them. But then again I'm not working Thanksgiving or the day after since I have tickets to see Wicked on Friday (squee!) So I couldn't exactly say no.

Even though we had extra staffing it was still super insane, and I totally forgot the order comes in on Wednesdays too so I had 19 totes of drugs to sort and put away.

Anyways so I'm halfway through sorting through the drugs and I hear, "Well why do you think Carolyn is the way she is?"

So it got my attention and I asked, "Eh? Why are you guys talking about me?"

"Oh I was just telling Missy (Missy has known for a long time) why you are a lesbian."

"WHAT?! Haha. Please, enlighten me."

"Well because boys are... slow... and stupid."

"Then why do you date guys?"

"I don't know haha!"

hahah I nearly fell over laughing. Mostly because as soon as " are a lesbian" left her mouth, another coworker gave me this WHAT?! look. Oops. I guess she's one of the few that still had no idea. I think she was the last in the pharmacy, besides the random people that get sent to our store to cover.

My coworkers seem to be making a habit of outing me intentionally and not. It's kinda funny, and sometimes it worries me. This time was funny. heh.

And in random news, I am loving the new season of "Bones". Nothing like a sexy, nerdy forensic scientist to actually make me want to watch a show. Hehe. That, and the sheer science nerdiness makes it interesting for me to watch.


The Surprise Dyke said...

SO SO SO SO SO SO jealous of you going to see Wicked! I want to hear (well read, but you know what I mean) all about it!!!

Carolyn said...

I will! It was even amazing the second time! I love megan hilty!