Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Precinct Madness.

I am so excited and glad that Obama won! He even won at my precinct!

Alright, so I got 2 hours of sleep last night and then worked the polls from 6am til 9pm. I was exhausted. It was hard to keep my mouth shut and staying neutral about everything, so I pretty much limited myself to talking to people.

"Last name please? First name? Sign here, print your address here, ok step over here and she'll finish processing you"

We had 80 provisional voters that day. The only difference is that they double check to make sure you didn't vote twice because you either belonged to a different precinct or were marked as a vote by mail ballot and didn't bring the ballot to surrender. The only person who flipped out on us was this guy everyone refers to as "the dick" because he was that big of an asshole. We only spoke to him for five minutes too. Oh well, apparently he was giving some kids who were "no on 8" a hard time, so I don't feel too bad anymore haha.

I was at an elementary school, so teachers would bring some of their students in to just watch. There wasn't much to see haha. Just processing, and watching people stand in booths. They were adorable though and sported the "I voted stickers".

The people I was working with were awesome. My sister in law of course, was our fearless leader, aka inspector. Everything went pretty smoothly. I am just exhausted.

Prop 8 passed by EIGHT ELECTRONIC BALLOTS. So I guess we just have to wait and see on the paper and provisionals.

I guess I just have to wait until tomorrow morning for official news. This is a really close race. It wouldn't surprise me if the margin was 1% or 2%

My dad ending up voting no on 8. That made me really happy. Gives me hope =)


sheA said...

yeah for NO on 8!!!!!! I love this country

Carolyn said...

Unfortunately at this point with 95% of precincts reporting, it looks like prop 8 is going to pass =(