Friday, November 28, 2008


This one's for you, TSD!

This was my second time seeing Wicked in LA. I pretty much played hookie (with permission) from work and went and saw it with my sister in law. I saw it first with my cousin last summer. Ok, it still ROCKED the second time around. I love love love Megan Hilty. She is so flippin hilarious as G(a)linda. I was slightly upset to find out that Eden Espinosa wasn't performing (again! twice in a row!), but her understudy was amazing! She nailed Defying Gravity, I was impressed. I was also super excited that Megan Hilty was still there, I think I squeed.

I was still laughing pretty hard. It's such a funny show. If it ever comes to your respective towns I really recommend it! My sister is in love with the book when I accidentally left it at her house one day. She didn't like it the first time around because she expected it to be like the book. So for those of you out there who have read it, this is a PG version of the book. The book is a bit more 'R' rated.

The woman playing Nessarose was also gorgeous. I am a big OBC fan, but she was absolutely beautiful! So was Elphaba. Seriously, if I had a girlfriend who could sing I'd probably go temporarily insane and marry her on the spot. haha. Ok, maybe not, but I'd probably be head over heels easy. That's my kryptonite. haha.

Dude Galinda sparkled so much it nearly blinded me, I could have been sitting in the back and still see her glitter from a distance haha! I had orchestra seats again, because that's how we roll. Someone kept kicking the back of my seat though, that was not cool.

There was one really weird thing I saw though. At first I really I saw someone in short hair and a skirt, and thought he was a she. Then I realized it was a guy wearing a skirt. Haha! My sister leaned over to me and said, "There's something weird about the chorus there..." me "You mean the guy wearing the skirt?" hahaha. It wasn't that obvious until he had a mini solo dance and twirled in the skirt. I definitely do not remember seeing that the first time. Yay Wicked and guys in drag! I wonder if this was purposely done or he just couldn't find his pants that day, because he was dancing with a woman. So I definitely know they weren't missing a female dancer that day. hehe.

I still squeed every time my favorite songs came up haha. The small bits of improve that make the show really worth while to see it again.

The only downside? I'm going to have the songs stuck in my head until next week. I love musicals! I really want to see Mamma Mia, Grease, and Rent when it comes to town after Wicked leaves.

I want to see it again! >.> I am such a nerd. I just can't help it. I love musicals.


sheA said...

as they say in my favorite East Coast city- "wicked awesome"!!! and as jealous as Jersaaaay is for the trip to see Wicked- I will be equally jealous when you see RENT- love love love that show- gotta go listen to the soundtrack right now!!! - I must be excited, check out the abundant use of !!!

Carolyn said...

Shea you should come out and see it!!! The most of the OBC is doing the last national tour!!!

I am excited for it as well!!!!!!!!111oneone!! <-- now that's excessive

The Surprise Dyke said...

Yay for a shout out! And I totally lived vicariously through you, awesome recap!